Past News & Events

12/13/2020 – VPRC’s Rimfire Covid Classic – 2020 The shoot went pretty smoothly. We had 12 shooters: nine with optics and surprisingly, three shooting iron sights. The iron sight shooters shot at 50′ bullseye targets. Five Slow Fire and one Timed Fire targets. The shooters with optics had five different targets; some easy and some very hard.   The top scope shooter was shot a 404 out of a possible 418. The second shot a 387. Third place shot a 370. That ATOM target was the one that separated the shooters. Without that target, the top two shooters would have only been three points apart.   There were three shooters with iron sights. We did not account for that, so we used 50′ bullseye targets. That seemed to work well for them. With iron sights and the naked eye, you could not even see the targets designed for scoped shooting.   The top iron sight shooter shot an 812 out of a possible 900 points. He was shooting an old lever action 22 rifle, but he shot it great. Second place had a  748 score. Third place shot a 733. There were several targets that were over 90%. Great shooting guys.     I am sure we will do something like this again. If and when that happens, I will let you know. Everyone seemed to have a good time.

3/18/19 – The OUTDOOR range will be closed on the following dates for the Indiana Retired Law Enforcement Officer Training Program.  Retired Officers will be using the outdoor range to qualify to carry the HR 218 card, which allows retired police officers in good standing to carry nationwide.  There will be a VPRC club member present at each training.  The training time will be from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm on the following dates: March 25th , April 22, May 20, June 17, August 12, September 23, October 21

2018 – Valparaiso Pistol & Rifle Club was recognized by the Department of Natural Resources and the Board of Directors Indiana Hunter Education Association in appreciation of outstanding achievement in Hunter Education as 2018 District 10 Teaching Team of the Year!!